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  • What is the differednce between Embroidery and Embroidery applique?
    Embroidery Is thread and stitches only. Embroidery Applique Is when a seprate fabric or material is stitched to the item to add embelishment. Thread only Embroidery Applique
  • I like a embroidery design but I want a different color can this be done?
    Yes you can have a design with certain color changes. However certain designs can only be done on white shirts. If you have a design that has alot of black it wouldnt work on a black shirt. If you like a design but want the name to be a different color that can be changed.
  • I need my item right away can this be done?
    Absolutly but there is a extra rush fee for shipping you can request a shippiung and rush order fee just contact me regaurding rush orders.
  • What is sublimation?
    Sublimation is a printed image that is heat transferred to an item many things like shirts, mugs, tumblers, wood earrings, and key chains can be sublimated. some children with sensitivities benefit from sublimated shirts because unlike embroidery and vinyl there is no texture on it. Sublimation Embroidery
  • I have a design in mind but I dont see and item that has it can you create the design?
    Depending on a design in mind I can create it. Some items may be considered a copy right design but you can message me and see If its a design that can be created.
  • Why is there a seperate digitizing fee on some embroidery designs?
    This is a fee that is passed on to the customer for a file to be digitized it is a one time fee. It is only charged once the customer is happy and agrees to the design. It is sent by invoice separet from the cart. This is done to keep items cheaper for the customer.
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